Here are some of my photos. Most of them were taken for the Strike-A-Pose Guys: Cycle 3 Competition (I took home the win) My newest photos are all included in my story Meet Brody. You can view those by clicking the link in the black menu bar above.  I’ve put the photos here in two different formats~Slide Show and Gallery. In the gallery view, you can click the thumbnail to see a larger version of the photo and even leave a comment if you like. Once you select to see the larger version you may scroll through the photos in their larger form or click the arrow at the top to go back to gallery view. Thanks for looking!~Jmelo

*NOTE* All of the simatography on this page was taken in game and has not been altered in any way, ie. photoshopped. The only photos that have been altered on this blog are the ones in the banners and one photo in chapter 3 of Meet Brody, in which I added a special effect to seem like he is imagining.

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7 Responses to Simatography

  1. Carol Nimmo says:

    Very Talented, cant believe u just started doing this, good quality, excellent stories, keep up the good work.

  2. Megan ((Lavaheart1)) says:

    Wow can ur good im Lavaheart1 from the sims 3 and i love ur photos can u help me make me a website??

  3. commeuneplume says:

    Hey Jmelo! Great work! Is the slideshow/gallery a wordpress feature? It’s amazing!

    • Jmelo says:

      Hi Commeuneplume, thanks for visiting! Yes, the slideshow and the gallery are both features of wordpress. I decided to put both on the page because I love both features so much, I couldn’t choose 😀

  4. xtremesims says:

    Wow that was amazing. The detail of your sims and the surroundings are highly detailed.

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