Meet Jane: Part 2

“Every negative word that you speak about yourself is releasing curses upon your life Jane.” He explained.

“Let me guess, you pray everynight asking God why you are cursed with such poverty, ugliness, stupidity and why you are over weight. You don’t understand how such a good hearted person like yourself could possibly deserve the punishment that you have received. Am I right?” Joshua asked.



“Yes. You’ve hit the nail on the head Joshua.” Jane replied. “Is there anyway I can break these curses off of my life?” Asked Jane.

“Yes! Yes there is my friend! Joshua answered with excitement. “It’s just a simple as placing the curses. You confess the opposite of everything you have been saying all of this time.”

“So you are telling me, that all I have to do is tell myself that I am beautiful, thin, smart, have great eyesight, and I am rich? It’s easier said than done. It’s hard to say those things when I don’t believe it in my heart.” Jane responded doubtfully.

“I never said it was easy, I said the solution is simple. After years of planting all of those bad seeds into your heart, it will take some effort to plant the good seeds. But I am telling you the truth, once those good seeds start taking root, your life will change forever!”

“Well, what do I have to lose. It’s obvious what I am doing now isn’t working for me. And everything you have told me seems to make sense. So, Okay! I will do it! I will stop speaking negative words over myself and I will stop thinking negative thoughts about myself. Thanks Joshua.”

Jane felt ashamed for doing this to herself all of her life. What has she done?

She’s so thankful to have a friend that told her the truth, no matter how hard it was to do. Jane felt awkward being helped instead of being the helper. But she is thankful just the same.

“I am beautiful, inside and out.” Jane whispered.

“That’s very good Jane. You are beautiful.” Joshua said encouragingly.

“I have nice skin.” Jane stammered.

“Your skin is nice Jane, it is radiant.” Joshua added.

“I am thin and fit.” Jane said as she tried to imagine her face thinner.

” I have perfect vision.”

“I am smart, clever and whitty!” Jane was starting to get into it.

“I am rich! I am successful! I am blessed!”

After planting all of those “good seeds”, Jane was feeling really motivated! She dusted off the old treadmill and started to run.

She could feel the pounds just melting off of her.

Every day she woke up eager to jump on the treadmill. She could see the pounds disapating daily. And the more she lost, the better she felt. The better she felt, the easier it was to plant more “good seeds”.

Then, Jane received a phone call that changed her finances forever. She had been published. Not only had she been published, but the publishing house wanted her to sign a book deal for 5 more books!! She was finally able to afford the beach house she had been dreaming about all of her life. A beach house where she could get lost in her thoughts while sitting on the balcony staring out at the relentless waves crashing on the shore.

Eating had become more enjoyable too. She no longer felt guilty giving her body the nourishment it needed.

Jane looked into the mirror in amazement. “Can it be? I’m at my goal weight! I am thin!”

She jumped into her new car, and drove to the mall. Within an hour, she was back with the outfit she had been eyeing for a few weeks now. And now she is wearing it! “Wow, I look good.” she sniffed.

She decied to go back to the mall and get her hair and make up done. On her way home, she called Joshua and asked him to meet her at her house. She wanted him to be there for the final step of her journey. They ran up the stairs to her bedroom dressing mirror and both stood in front of it, speechless.

Jane was still in a little shock. Could it possibly be her staring back at herself in the mirror. Joshua was waiting for her reaction, before he gave his opinion.

“Oh wow Oh wow Oh wow! Joshua, look at me! Can you believe it?” She gushed.

“Yes Jane! I do believe it! I know what power the spoken word has. And I know how negative thinking is like poison to a person’s soul. Jane, you were already beautiful to me.”

“The love you have for people shines from within covering you like a beacon in the night. I couldn’t help but see how beautiful you are from the very beginning. But now, that love is shining even brighter now, because you have learned to love yourself.”

“It’s time for me to go now Jane. I treasure the time that we have spent together through your journey.”

“I’m going to miss you Joshua, I still need you.” Jane muttered.

“I will always be with you Jane. I will always live in your heart. Just call my name, and you will feel my presence and you will hear my counsel. We will be together again. I love you Jane.”

As Jane watched Joshua disappear in the distance, she instantly felt his presence within her. And at the same instant she knew that now it was time for her to take what she had learned from Joshua and use it to help everyone she knew and was going to know, for the rest of her life.


4 Responses to Meet Jane: Part 2

  1. shellfly says:

    Loved the ending; what a sweet, triumphant wrap-up. And I like that we’re left wondering who exactly was Joshua and can come up with our own interpretation.

  2. ecofriend2 says:

    Wow I agree Great wrap up and ending I am speechless ;D

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