Meet Jane

Meet Jane is the first story that I wrote in the “Meet” series. I initially wrote it using the Sims 3 website storymaker and it’s still there in original form. After starting Meet Brody on a blog….I realized the quality of photos and publishing tools far surpass the story tools at the Sims 3 website and decided to bring it over here. My photos are bare bones I know. They don’t offer much in the area of creativity or aesthetics, but they tell the story. I hope you enjoy it!♥

Part 1

Jane is a very bright and talented young lady.

She is a good hearted person. She goes out of her way to give her time and resources to people in need. She donates a portion of her hard earned money to many charities around the world.

Jane loves people. She especially loves to meet new people.

The way she sees it, the more friends she makes, the more people she can potentially help.

Jane is always putting everyone else’s needs before her own. Without friends, Jane feels she would have no purpose in life. Everyone loves Jane!

But Jane has a huge problem.

Jane is cursed. She is living a life in bondage, and she has nobody to blame but herself. When Jane is left alone with her thoughts…..she curses herself relentlessly. She says to herself, “I am so broke, I’ll never be able to move out of this ramshackle house. I’ll never have enough money to buy my dream house. I’m so poor……….. I can’t even pay attention!”

When Jane looks in the mirror, it takes her by suprise every time. She feels so good about herself when she is with her friends because they are constatly telling her what a beautiful person she is. They tell her that she is good, kind and generous. After a day with friends, she feels as though she’s floating on a cloud….. the best friend in the world! But when she comes home and looks at herself in the mirror……….

she can’t believe what she sees looking back at her!

Jane can’t stand to look at herself.

“Why? Why am I so hideous?” She ponders.

“How can anyone look at me? How can anyone stand to be friends with me?”

“Look at my HAIR, it’s horrendous! When did I get so fat?”

“My skin is so ashy, I might as well be a corpse!! Why do I have to be so blind! These glasses are hideous! I hate having to wear glasses.”

“Look at me! I’m so UGLY, and FAT and…………. blind as a bat!”

“I’ll never be able to lose any weight. I am hopeless. Not to mention STUPID! I’m such an idiot for forgetting Katie’s cousin’s new cat’s name! I’m dumber than a box of rocks. I might as well wear a kick me I’m stupid sign around town. I’ll never amount to anything with my lack of looks and brains! I’m a failure! A big fat Zero.”

Jane had completely forgotten about Joshua! She had just met him today. He said he was hungry, so of course Jane invited him over for dinner. She had gotten so caught up in her self loathing, that she lost track of time. Jane is utterly humiliated.

Jane tried to think up of something to explain her actions, but the look of sadness and pity in his eyes left her speechless.

Joshua asked Jane, “Do you have any idea what you are doing to yourself? You are poisoning your soul!” he exclaimed.

Jane could not get over the look of grief on his face.

Continue to part 2


2 Responses to Meet Jane

  1. shellfly says:

    Perhaps Joshua has the cure to Jane’s poison? 😉

  2. ecofriend2 says:

    Aw…so sad it’s better to be kind-hearted then having the best looks 😦

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