Meet Brody: Chapter 4

Out of the Frying Pan……..And into the Fire

Brody decided to take his favorite lady friend out to dinner and a movie to celebrate his release from bondage. Tonight would be his last night in the seaside community of Sunset Valley, and he was more than ready to escape. The evening was even better than he anticipated. He enjoyed the company of a beautiful woman while dining at the most renowned bistro in the area. Next they watched an adrenaline pumping thriller at the movie theater. Brody almost felt intoxicated from the rush of adrenaline and the smell of his date’s seductive perfume. When they exited the theater, the smell of smoke permeated their nostrils and pulled him out of the state of euphoria he had slipped into. Something was on fire. As the limo headed in the direction of Brody’s house, they could see an orange glow on the horizon. When the car turned onto Brody’s street the reality of what Brody was secretly fearing became evident. It was his house.

The whole structure was engulfed in flames, including his vehicles. He quickly ordered the limo driver to take his date home. The car raced off behind him while Brody watched the fire ravage his home. He felt the flames of his obsession slowly die out. He knew then, that he’d never experience freedom again. His dreams will never come to fruition. Brody felt defeated. He slowly turned away from the smoldering shell of what was his future to seek refuge in the sea.

After what seemed like a lifetime, he reluctantly resurfaced from within his sea of sorrow to catch a glimpse of Diablo. He too had been watching the spectacle. He was wearing an evil smirk and his face was filled with vengeance. Diablo approached Brody with a confident swagger.

“Mr. Slater, I will no longer be in need of your services,” the evil man barked.

“Oh and by the way, I’m terribly sorry about your misfortune, hahaha….but I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that all wasn’t lost in the fire. The money and loot you had stashed in the house was saved from the inferno and I’ll be putting it to good use,” Diablo gloated.

While Brody was out, Diablo had sent in his goons to ransack his abode. They made off with all of his valuables, including his simoleon stash, then set his house ablaze.

Brody knew better than to tangle with Diablo, so he sluggishly turned back to his smoldering house.

Diablo swiftly spun on his heel and disappeared into the smokey darkness.

“Where am I going to sleep tonight,” he mumbled to himself. “I’m sure my tent was disintegrated.”

Brody inched forward, straining to see if he could see into the backyard. Maybe the shed survived the inferno.

“Whoa! If my shed and tent survived, maybe the stash of simoleons I stuffed into my tent roll would have survived too,” he whispered under his breath.

A flicker of hope sparked inside Brody’s soul. He ambled his way through the debris until he reached the back yard. That flicker of hope was quickly extinguished when he caught a glimpse of the torched shed.

“Ugh, I can’t catch a break!”

By now Brody was mentally and physically drained. All he could think about was sleep.

“I guess I’ll be sleeping on a park bench tonight,” he mumbled, conceding to his inevitable fate.

He stumbled through the shadows of the torched back yard trying to get to the street ahead. He saw a bright light shining ahead of him and used it to keep his bearings to get out of the mass of pitch black soot. When he reached his destination, he realized there was someone standing under the very street lamp he used as a beacon to guide his way.

Probably another curious neighbor, he thought to himself. The man under the light spotted him and to his surprise, walked over to him.

“Hi, I’m Joshua,” the light man said.

“Hey brah, I’m Brody,” he replied.

“After the fire engine pulled away, I spotted this.” Joshua announced as he handed a mass of tangled fabric and metal rods to Brody.

“Whoa! My tent!” Brody exclaimed.

Apparently Diablo’s goons had dropped it while they were fleeing his burning house. Looks like they took the tent out of the bag and filled it with stuff from his house, along with the cash that was hidden in the tent. Oh well, at least he had his tent.

“Thanks dude! I really appreciate you giving this to me man, and not running off with it. That‘s totally cool of you brah.”

“I’d never take something that didn’t belong to me Brody. It was only right for me to find the proper owner.” Joshua responded.

“Oh, um, okay….brah,” Brody hung his head as a wave of guilt crashed over him.

When Brody finally lifted his head, he saw that Joshua was already half way down the block.

“Bye Joshua! Thanks again!” Brody yelled.

Joshua turned and gave Brody a nod and a quick wave, then continued on his path.

“Well, Brody….back at square one,” he thought to himself. Brody took his tent down to the beach area, which was only a few yards from his torched house and set up camp. It was going to be a long night.

Coming Soon…..Meet Brody: Chapter 5


20 Responses to Meet Brody: Chapter 4

  1. Hugzies says:

    im sorry to say this Brody but your only getting what you asked for.

    i really hope he can turn things around for himself, great chapter as always. your pictures are sooo amazing i have no idea how you do it.

  2. kittycattylion says:

    I still feel sad for him.. ;_;
    poor Brody, you can sleep in my bed any day.

  3. simrusalka says:

    Well, maybe he’ll learn the error of his ways. That pic of the house on fire was awesome! Do kind of feel bad for the guy though, he’s so cute!

  4. seaweedy says:

    I am thinking that Joshua is not just a random stranger? He seems to know Brody, or at least what Brody has been up to.

  5. Kayla says:

    Great story!! I’ve read it all the way through. I love the pictures and you are good with your words and grammar. Definitely a new favorite. You will be added to my blogroll.

    • Jmelo says:

      Thank you Nurse for the wonderful compliments! 😳 I’ve been following An Explorer’s Legacy for awhile now and I’ll be adding it to my blogroll as well. I voted for Emerson, but I don’t think he’s gonna get it 😦

  6. shellfly says:

    Ah, such a reversal of fortune. I knew it was coming, but I still feel sorry for him!

  7. Kayla says:

    You should check out my other one too. I have a Berry Flowery A-Z Legacy.

  8. Valpre says:

    Ah man, hurry with chapter five. My heart goes out to Brody but then again he made his own bed, now he must lie in it. He shouldn’t have messed with evil man Diablo but maybe now he’s learned his lesson. Now that Joshua is a hotty. How do you get them to look so good?

    • Jmelo says:

      Chapter 5 will be out soon 😉 maybe even tomorrow if time permits. Thanks for the compliment on Joshua…..I wish I had a secret to divulge on how I got them to look so good, but I honestly don’t know, I just make them til I’m happy with how they look, lol. In chapters 1 through 4 I have not used any custom skins or eyes on the guys. Brody’s date has custom hair and lipstick, and I have used store hair on Brody in his teen pic an surfer pics. Now in chapter 5 I did switch to using a custom skin default, but it is very subtle. I’m not even sure if anyone will be able to tell, except for maybe when Brody’s shirt is off, lol. Maybe I’ll work in a shirtless pic 😉

  9. ecofriend2 says:

    love this story, amazing ending! One question…what sims 3 skin do you use it’s amazing!

  10. JMelo says:

    *waves* Hi EcoFriend! I’m glad you love the story, but it hasn’t ended yet! You can expect chapter 5 very soon. As for the skins…well, it depends on what pictures you’re talking about. In the first four chapters of Meet Brody and all of my pictures up until the Fall SIFF Red Carpet Photos are all EA Skins. I am now currently using the Default Nice version of the Naughty and Nice Skins by Lady Frontbum. You can find them here I was using these skins when I took the SIFF Red Carpet Photos of your simself. 😉

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