Meet Brody: Chapter 3

In Too Deep

Before he knew what hit him, Brody found himself entrenched knee-deep in the Sunset Valley crime ring.

He started out as a pick pocket, but Diablo liked him so much, that he was catapulted up the ranks of goons to become Diablo’s second in command.

Brody determined that when he began his surfing quest again, he didn’t want to run into the problems he had before. He wanted to be financially stable so he could fund his adventure for as long as he needed. He came to the conclusion that he would stay in Sunset Valley working for Diablo for a year or two to secure those funds. Since he was going to be stuck here for a while, he figured he might as well live comfortably.  So, he invested in a sweet house on the beach.

When it came time for his departure, he knew that he’d make a nice return on it, lining his pockets with even more simoleons.

Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. Months turned into 2 years! Brody couldn’t believe that much time had passed. Life had been good for him, but he still found himself needing more. The waves were decent here in Sunset Valley, some would even say great. But Brody knew that the perfect wave wasn’t coming to him. He had to pursue it. He could feel the flames of his passion igniting. He anxiously made his way to the secret room where he’d been storing all of his accumulated wealth.

After a quick assessment, he believed that with the cash on hand and by selling off all of his possessions, he’d have more than enough to begin his long anticipated surfing expedition. Starting tomorrow, he’d start setting up accounts and making deposits. Thank goodness his father had taught him so much about investing, because from all the research he’d been doing lately, he was confident he could build a pretty sizable portfolio in the coming months.

The next step was to call Mammon. Mammon was the go to guy in the “business” for all of your money laundering needs. He always told Brody that when the time came, he would help get him set up before he left town. After talking to Mammon, Brody was confident that tomorrow night would be his last night in Sunset Valley. Ocean’s of the world, HERE I COME….again.

Brody didn’t count on the fact that Mammon’s loyalties were not with him, but only to Diablo and greed. After he hung up with Brody, he immediately called Diablo and filled him on Brody’s impending departure.

“Nobody leaves Diablo Evilman high and dry without suffering the consequences!” Diablo seethed.

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17 Responses to Meet Brody: Chapter 3

  1. Trancerocker08 says:

    Oh man…. Brody’s in for a suprise!

  2. seaweedy says:

    Brody looks great in his henchman suit and hairdo.

  3. hugzies says:

    uh oh spaghettios!

  4. edenbabylon says:

    I absolutely adore your pictures. I especially like the second pic from the top with Brody in the background and Diablo in the foreground. Will be checking for your next update.


  5. oh snap! what did brody get himself into?? seriously brode, never trust anyone in the crime business 😉 btw, brody does look extrememly handsome in that suit and hairstyle. 🙂

  6. ecofriend2 says:

    The first time I was Diablo in that picture I knew he was trouble, can’t wait for Ch.3

  7. simrusalka says:

    Awesome! I love that you are doing a story with Brody! I was going to miss him after SAP ended. Loving it so far, can’t wait to read more. I’m starting up a story with my SAP girl Alia and guy Ratha myself. That contest made me just get way too attached to those Simmies. 🙂 Oh, and fantastic, gorgeous photos as always jmelo!

    • Jmelo says:

      Thanks Rusalka. I’m anxious to see what you do with Alia and Ratha! I know what you mean by getting attached, I was thinking about starting a Legacy with Brody as the founder after I finished Meet Brody…….but now I’m having second thoughts, I don’t think I can handle watching him grow old and die. I might just need to keep him around forever, lol.

  8. kittycattylion says:

    oh no, BRODY!! o.o
    still loving your smashing pictures, Brody’s quite the handsome lad with his hair pulled back.

  9. shellfly says:

    Great chapter! Brody’s certainly been living the life, but I think he’s about to really start paying for it…

  10. Valpre says:

    I knew that Diablo was trouble. Oh dear, what had Brody gotten himself into *cries*

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