Meet Brody: Chapter 2

Dead End To Desperation

Old Pier Beach in Sunset Valley is where the simoleons ran out, leaving Brody feeling trapped. Brody had no other choice but to get a job. He found one rather quickly at the local surf shop. Brody soon realized that working a minimum waged job was getting him nowhere fast. At this rate, it’d take years to save up to continue his pursuit of happiness.
So Brody began skimming money from the till. It worked when he was saving to leave home, why not now, he thought to himself. He didn’t take into consideration that it is a lot more difficult to steal from a business and get away with it, than your own family. He was fired immediately, but was somehow able to convince his ex-employer to not file charges. Sunset Valley is a small tight knit community, so by the end of the day, it was all over town that Brody Slater was a thief. He had been black balled. Nobody wanted to hire a thief. While sitting on old pier beach, Brody contemplated his options. He was a good person who wanted to pursue his dream. What’s wrong with that? He’d never hurt anybody, so why is he stuck here, unable to chase after his dream. Isn’t that what people are supposed to do in life? Find their passion, foster it, and build a dream to chase until they succeed? It’s not like he was stealing from people who didn’t have enough. He was stealing from people who had plenty, more than enough. Isn’t that what Robin Hood did? Stole from the rich, to give to the poor. Well I am poor. Brody concluded the only thing he could do was to move on to the next town and hope for a fresh start. As he packed up his tent, he noticed a shadowy form lurking in the bushes. He strained hard to see what or who it was. As his eyes began to focus on the shadowy form, it slowly stepped into the moonlight.
Brody was briefly taken aback by the menacing form standing before him. The man in black introduced himself as Diablo. He explained to Brody that he had heard of his misfortune at the surf shop and understood that he was in need of employment. Diablo pitched him an offer he couldn’t refuse. He decided to stay in Sunset Valley after all.




16 Responses to Meet Brody: Chapter 2

  1. kittycattylion says:

    uh oh, is Brody selling his soul to the devil?

    on another note, your pictures are gorgeous!

  2. Berry says:

    Love it J! I am so glad you switched to a blog, your photos are gorgeous!! 🙂

  3. trancerocker08 says:

    Ohh no! Not the devil!! I don’t like where things are headed 😮

  4. hugzies says:

    …is he joining the mob? i must tell you Brody if tv and movies has taught me anything its that joining forces with badies only gets you closer to the bottom faster

    • Jmelo says:

      That’s good advice Hugzies….But unfortunately Brody doesn’t know good advice from a hole in the ground at this point in his life 😦

  5. seaweedy says:

    Maybe Brody will eventually learn that stealing from people is hurtful…but I think it is going to take a lot for him to make that discovery.

  6. this is so intersting! i love it! i wonder what this diablo will do with brody? great work and i have to agree with everyone else, your pictures are gorgeous! 🙂

  7. Jmelo says:

    Thank you, I’m so glad you are enjoying it! 8)

  8. ecofriend2 says:

    Wow what an end? I love the quality and angles of your photos, that’s a talent!

  9. Valpre says:

    That Diablo is scary. Reminds me of the devil or death. He’s been aptly named. Loved this 😀

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