Meet Brody

 Chapter 1: How Did I Get Here?

“Where are the police when you need them, man? Who in their right mind would steal from a homeless person? If this was any other night, there would be at least one police cruiser patrolling the area,” Brody exclaimed.
Brody would know because he was usually looking out for them. When a person is doing bad things, he does everything he can not to get caught. Brody made it his business to know where the cops were. 
     Not only did the thief take all of the loot he had stashed in his tent, he took the one thing in his life that meant the most to him. The only possession he had that truly belonged to him. His home.

The tent that his father had given him. His dad. Brody hadn’t thought about him in a long time. How did he get here, so far away from his family? What did he do to get to this place in time? A homeless bum, living on the beach, stealing from people to fund his obsession. Brody’s mind began to drift into a hazy fog of memories. Trying to remember, fighting so hard to forget. A forbidden place that he has dared not go for so very long, fearing he’d unleash waves of guilt and regret. It’s time. It’s finally time to face the truth. In order to figure out where to go from here, he needs to search his past to figure out where he went wrong. As the memories begin to flood his mind, he is overcome by a tsunami of shame. Ever since he was a young boy, Brody Slater loved adventure. It’s when he decided to join the sim scouts, that his father bought him the tent. Nothing was more exciting to him than the thrill of hiking into the wilderness with nothing but his tent, a few supplies and some skills he learned while earning his coveted sim scout badges. His dad would often indulge him on these little adventure quests. They had so much fun together, true father and son bonding.

As Brody grew older, his need for adventure grew as well. He was no longer satisfied with a simple camping trip. He needed more excitement, more danger, more adrenaline. When Brody discovered surfing, he knew that he had found his life’s passion. The more experienced and skilled he became, the bigger waves he needed. A raging fire of obsession had taken root in his very soul and was growing with every wave. Brody began spending every waking moment surfing, cleaning and waxing his boards, watching surfing competitions, and planning his world-wide surfing expedition. Over time, Brody’s mood began to change. He became very irritable and spent almost no time with his family. He also started ditching school to hang out at the beach with his new surfing buddies.
His grades suffered terribly, and that’s when his parents realized Brody had a problem. They supported his passion at first, but when his mom and dad realized his passion was consuming him, they did everything simanly possible to stifle the flame. Their efforts backfired on them. Little did they know, Brody was secretly planning his departure behind their backs. He slowly began siphoning simoleons from the family funds, while he anxiously waited for his 18th birthday to roll around. His family was very successful in business, so Brody was able to take money here and there. They had no idea their only child was stealing from them.
    The day Brody embarked on his journey was sunny and warm. He looked at the majestic oak tree in the front yard and saw a young bird perched on the edge of a nest, stretching his wings. The bird looked down, then up again repeatedly, as if trying to summon the courage to take that glorious leap into freedom. Just when Brody thought the bird was going to back out, it unexpectedly leaped off the nest, descending fast. The brave creature unfolded it’s wings and a gust of wind carried it up toward the sky above. The young bird flapped it’s wings frantically at first, then quickly learned to relax and coast on the wind like a surfer rides a wave.
The graceful bird soared higher, letting the wind carry it off to it’s new life of independence. Brody decided that today was the day that he was going to be like that bird.
“Oceans of the world…….HERE I COME!!!”

Click here to read Chapter 2: Dead End to Desperation


17 Responses to Meet Brody

  1. seaweedy says:

    Hope he finds a way to support his “habit.”

  2. Trancerocker08 says:

    Ohh that was sad that he was stealing from his parents. I hope things work out for all of them in the end 🙂

  3. shellfly says:

    A promising start! Beautiful pictures as always, and I’m really enjoying learning about Brody’s origins!

    • Jmelo says:

      Thanks! Actually, I had this story half written before I signed up for SAP. I had to put it on the back burner until I got done with the competiton. I’m really excited to get back to it. As for the pictures…..I’m totally missing my chaos mod since ambitions! 😦

      • shellfly says:

        Yeah, I really came to rely on chaosmod quite a bit – hope it will get updated soon. I wonder if it’s one of the factors holding people back from signing up for SAP cycle 4…

  4. hugzies says:

    congrats on your sap win 🙂 great to see Brody still in the spot light

  5. greengirl624 says:

    I can’t get over how amazing the scenery picture with Brody looking over at the tree is…it is truly a work of art:) I love it!

  6. StarSarah says:

    I love this story so far and your pics are amazing. They really capture what your saying and are so crips. Also Brody is a hotti 😛

    Can you take a look at my legacy:


  7. Jmelo says:

    Thanks StarSarah! I’m quite fond of Brody myself! Tee Hee :p I put a lot of time and thought into my photos….so it’s always nice to get compliments on them, thank you! 😀

  8. ecofriend2 says:

    Wow great Chapter…gonna read the next….That must be a big obsession to steal money…lol

  9. Valpre says:

    I followed you here after you left a comment on my story Twinbrook Chronicles. I’m glad. Just read chapter one of Meet Brody and I love your shots. The surfing gear, is that custom content or is it from the store? I’m off to read chapter two.

    • Jmelo says:

      Thanks for visiting Valpre! The surfing gear is custom content from The Sims Resource. I’m glad you like my photos :oops:, I put a lot of effort into them. 😀

  10. lckygrl1975 says:

    Great start Love Brody is is cute 🙂

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