Featured Uploads

Here are the items I uploaded to the Sims 3 Exchange that were Featured on the Sims 3 website. Click on the item’s name if you wish to download it to your game. Thanks!

Butterflies In Bloom Lamp

It is currently ranked 3rd highest in recommendations and 4th highest in dowloads for this particular style of lamp in the exchange.

Blue Hawaii Board Shorts

These board shorts are currently the MOST Downloaded and Recommended of this particular style of swimwear in the exchange.

Nautical Dreams Beach House

This house currently has 4,953 dowloads and 89 recommendations. To see more of this house click the banner below to view the showcase I put together. I’ll eventually get a slide show together so you can view the pictures here.

Fancy Smancy Chair

This is currently the 3rd MOST recommended and downloaded for this style of chair in the exchange. Update: Unfortunately due to the Evil Doll fiasco……this item had to be removed from the exchange.

Red & Black Tuxedo by JMelo

Featured in Issue 5 of SF Magazine for SIFF Red Carpet Fashion. I designed this red and black tuxedo exclusively for Norbert Szucs of The Adventurer Series by Midnight 445.  Thanks Norbert for wearing the tux so well!!


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