SF Magazine Issue 5

Issue 5 has been published! I have two photoshoots in this issue. The first one is Power Suits. I used two of my own models Shawn McBride and Jude Jackman. I also used a model from the SF Magazine Model search, David by GeorgefPlay. There aren’t many CC suits that I could find out there, so I decided to use mostly EA suits. You can really create some nice looking suits if you play around with colors and patterns. The models and suits are available for download in my studio. You’ll notice there will be what seems like duplicates of the same suit, but in reality, one is the top and the other is the pants. The second shoot was the SIFF Red Carpet. It was a collaboration with Minraed Arzhel known best for the Sims International Film Festival, her Simatography Website, Judge for SAP,  guest judge for TNT and as the Executive Interior Design Editor-Writer for SF Magazine. This one was really fun because we got to dress up the “SimFamous” and Minraed wrote about all the swanky fashion ensembles.  That woman has got a way with words I tell you, she is fabulous.

More updates coming soon and a new “Meet Brody” chapter is in the works!

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2 Responses to SF Magazine Issue 5

  1. seaweedy says:

    Amazing work, you should be so pleased!

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