The Single Dad Pad Showcase has been FEATURED!

The showcase I put together for my lot “The Single Dad Pad” was featured March 5, 2012 on the Sims 3 website. Check it out here!

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The Single Dad Pad

Click the photo to watch a slide show of the “Single Dad Pad”.

A 3 bedroom 2 bath ranch style home found in countless subdivisions built in 1970s America. A house that was forgotten by decades passed, dusted off, patched up and revived from its vintage slumber to a greater glory by a single dad and his desire to give his daughter a home, in a house just like the one he grew up in.
 Home…. a place where memories are born.
  • Completely Furnished
  • No Player Created CC, ONLY EA Created CC
  • Play Tested

If you’d like to add this charming home to your Sims 3 game you can download it from The Sims 3 Exchange by clicking here: The Single Dad Pad 

I also put together a Showcase in the Stories section on the Sims 3 website here.

Thanks for your time and interest! – JMelo

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Red and Black Tuxedo by JMelo

The Red and Black Tuxedo I designed exclusively for Norbert Szucs of The Adventurer Series by Midnight445 for the SF Magazine SIFF Red Carpet Fashion spread has been FEATURED on the Sims 3 Website. This is my fifth feature and I’m just as excited as I was with the first one! I big thank you to Midnight445 for letting Norbert run around my studio and the exchange in my Tux! You can find my other featured items in the Featured Uploads section of my blog located on the black menu bar above.

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SF Magazine Issue 5

Issue 5 has been published! I have two photoshoots in this issue. The first one is Power Suits. I used two of my own models Shawn McBride and Jude Jackman. I also used a model from the SF Magazine Model search, David by GeorgefPlay. There aren’t many CC suits that I could find out there, so I decided to use mostly EA suits. You can really create some nice looking suits if you play around with colors and patterns. The models and suits are available for download in my studio. You’ll notice there will be what seems like duplicates of the same suit, but in reality, one is the top and the other is the pants. The second shoot was the SIFF Red Carpet. It was a collaboration with Minraed Arzhel known best for the Sims International Film Festival, her Simatography Website, Judge for SAP,  guest judge for TNT and as the Executive Interior Design Editor-Writer for SF Magazine. This one was really fun because we got to dress up the “SimFamous” and Minraed wrote about all the swanky fashion ensembles.  That woman has got a way with words I tell you, she is fabulous.

More updates coming soon and a new “Meet Brody” chapter is in the works!



SIFF Easy Links

SIFF Playbill – list of submissions

SIFF on YouTube  All the SIFF submissions in one convenient place

Official SIFF T-shirts and other Free Goodies

Simulated Pictures International – the official SIFF venue by Freynas


Jump In SIFF – by Midnight

Rising Stars – learn more about the stars of your fave machinima films

Film Promotion Posters

The Red Carpet Photos

Don’t miss out on the most exciting event this fall! Be sure to check out all of the SIFF happenings!

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I’m Still Here!!

Thought I’d pop in for a much needed update here. I’m sorry for disappearing for awhile, I’ve been quite busy with some other sims projects I’m involved in. As you may have noticed in the simatography section of my blog, I’m an intern simtographer for SIFF (Sims International Film Festival). I’ve been working on some red carpet photos to help promote the Fall SIFF and the SIFF Shutterbugs Challenge. I’ve also opened up a simatography studio on the Sims 3 forums for SIFF. There you can hire me (for free of course) to take photos of your favorite simmies on the Red Carpet! Click the pic to check out the thread for all the details.

I’ve also been involved with SF Magazine. Issue 4 was just published and you will find some of my photos in the Real Weddings section, and also in the collage in the CC links section in the back. To read SF Magazine click on the pic.

For you Meet Brody fans…..don’t worry, he didn’t really get married as the magazine suggests. This was just a modeling gig and he’s still single! I’m hoping to get Meet Brody updated soon, I’ve got the next chapter written and about half of the photos taken. Unfortunately I have deadlines with my other projects, plus real life… I’m sad to say Meet Brody has dropped down on my priority list as of late. It’s been way too long since my last update I know….so I PROMISE I will get to it as soon as humanly possible.

I’ve also been working with BryonyRae ( Winner of the Strike A Pose Cylce 3 Ladies Edition) on her new competition Twinbrook’s Next Top Fashion Designer (TNT). I’m a full time judge there and it’s really a unique competition for those of you who like modeling and designing, but not background and scene setting. This competition works a lot like Project Runway and is focused on the design aspect of Sims 3. Click the pic to check out the Sims 3 forum thread, the blog is linked above and in my blogroll.

Finally I’ve been also judging for the Strike A Pose Competition Cycle IV , but not as myself… Brody Slater. It’s coming down to the wire now, guys are in the finale and girls are in semi finals. Click the pic to check out the action.

This is Meg Bryant by BryanyRae(Winner of SAP Cycle III) and Brody Slater by Me (Winner of SAP Cycle III:Guys) on SAP’s Cycle IV Banner.

Whew! That’s it for now, and thanks for stopping by!

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Brody Slater Landed the Cover of Simatography Magazine!

Click the picture to check out the Summer 2010 Edition of Simatography Magazine. You’ll find some awesome photos that were entered in the Shutterbugs Showcase along with helpful tips from some fantastic simatographers.

You’ll also find some of my work showcased on the cover, page 19 and the back cover along with a few of my simatography tricks. My photo “Beauty in the City” placed runner-up in the Sims and Models category of the Shutterbugs Showcase.


Just thought I’d share, thanks for reading! And if you are interested in Simatography and Machinima, check out the Simatography website, it’s a great support system with lots of friendly and helpful simmers. The link is posted on my blogroll.

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